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    Why Share Your Resume as a URL?

    • Professionalism: A dedicated URL for your resume looks clean and well-organized when included in job applications, emails, or on platforms like LinkedIn.
    • Control: You maintain control over the file, making changes easily without needing to update multiple versions in different places.
    • Accessibility: Anyone with the link can view the most up-to-date version of your resume from any device.

    How to Create a Shareable URL for Your Resume on Google Drive

    1. Upload Your Resume

    2. Upload or Create:

    • Log in to Google Drive: Visit and sign in to your Google account. Upload or Create:
    • To upload an existing resume: Click “New” -> “File Upload” and select your resume file.
    • To create a new resume: Click “New” -> “Google Docs” and create your resume directly in Google Docs.

    3. Adjust Sharing Settings

    • Locate your resume file: Find your resume in your Google Drive.
    • Right-click: Right-click on the resume file.
    • Select “Share” or “Get shareable link”: Depending on your Google Drive interface, you’ll see one of these options.
    Adjust Sharing Settings 1

    4. Important: Change permissions:

    • Click on “Change link to…” or a similar option under the link.
    • Choose “Anyone with the link” from the dropdown menu.
    • Select “Viewer” to ensure that only viewing is allowed.
    Sharing Settings
    Change permissions

    5. Copy the Link

    • Copy the provided link: The provided link is your resume’s shareable URL.
    Copy the Link

    6. Optional: Shorten the URL

    • Use a URL shortener: For a cleaner-looking link, use services like Bitly ( or TinyURL ([invalid URL removed]). Paste your long Google Drive link and click “Shorten”.

    Now You’re Ready!

    You have a shareable URL for your resume! Include it in the following places:

    • Job Applications: Add it to your online application forms.
    • Email Signature: Include the link in your professional email signature.
    • LinkedIn Profile: Add it to your LinkedIn profile’s summary or contact sections.
    • Other Online Profiles: Use the URL across any professional online platforms.

    Additional Tips:

    • PDF Format: For universal compatibility, save your resume as a PDF before uploading it to Google Drive.
    • Double-Check: Always test your link by opening it in a different browser or incognito window to ensure the permissions work correctly.
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