Resume Killers: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

Resume Killers

7 Fatal Resume Mistakes You’re Probably Making (And How to Fix Them Fast)

Mistake 1: Typos & Grammar Issues

  • The Problem: Explain how even minor errors undermine your professionalism and attention to detail.
  • Why it Matters: Hiring managers often take this as a sign of laziness or lack of care.
  • The Fix:
    • Multiple proofreads (by yourself, and ideally someone else).
    • Use grammar checkers (Grammarly, etc.) BUT don’t rely on them entirely.
    • Read your resume aloud to catch awkward phrasing.
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Mistake 2: Generic, Buzzword-Filled Descriptions

  • The Problem: Phrases like “team player” and “results-oriented” are overused and meaningless.
  • Why it Matters: Recruiters see through this fluff; they want specifics.
  • The Fix:
    • Focus on quantifiable results (“Increased sales by 15%”)
    • Use action verbs to convey what you DID.
    • Tailor descriptions to match the keywords in the job ad.
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Mistake 3: Irrelevant Work History

  • The Problem: Listing every job ever held clogs up your resume.
  • Why it Matters: Focus is key; highlight what aligns with your target job.
  • The Fix:
    • Older roles get briefer summaries, focus on transferable skills.
    • Freelance/side gigs ONLY if they demonstrate relevant skills
    • If totally unrelated: “Additional Work Experience Available Upon Request”
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Mistake 4: Confusing Formatting

  • The Problem: Fancy fonts, dense text, inconsistent spacing hurt readability.
  • Why it Matters: If your resume is hard to scan, your skills might get overlooked.
  • The Fix:
    • Clean fonts (Arial, Helvetica, etc.)
    • Clear headings, bullet points, white space.
    • PDF format to preserve layout.
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